Tao Te Ching

If you want to be a great leader,
you must learn to follow the Tao.
Stop trying to control.
Let go of fixed plans and concepts,
and the world will govern itself.
The more prohibitions you have,
the less virtuous people will be.
The more weapons you have,
the less secure people will be.
The more subsidies you have,
the less self-reliant people will be.
Therefore the Master says:
I let go of the law,
and people become honest.
I let go of economics,
and people become prosperous.
I let go of religion,
and people become serene.
I let go of all desire for the common good,
and the good becomes common as grass.
~Passage from Tao Te Ching an Ancient Chinese Poem by Lao Tzu

“Human misery must somewhere have a stop; there is no wind that always blows a storm; great good fortune comes to failure in the end. All is change; all yields its place and goes; to persevere, trusting in what hopes he has, is courage in a man. The coward despairs.”

~ Euripides

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Scandal or Business as Usual?

Hello, forgive me folks for my hiatus but I am back and ready to write hopefully along my previous claim “on a weekly basis”. Anyway lets get into the dirty shall we? Now everyone in some fashion or another “reads the news” either from internet websites, television, newspapers, blogs, or even from this blog! With this advent we see saturation or I should say an over-saturation of our media and information landscape, which has grown exponentially in the last twenty or so years. And with this amount of information at our fingertips it has become that much harder for us to discern that which is true and that which is mere speculation. But let me digress a bit here, journalism of today can be considered the gatekeeper of information, that being said most of society looks to them for the truth. Herein lies our problem that we find today, the dichotomy in journalism or any field of information dissemination for that matter, is not between what is “true and what is mere speculation” but between “what is acceptable for society and what is not acceptable” by acceptable I mean “acceptable reality”. The acceptable reality we have been given thus far is that “The State can be trusted, is benevolent, and only looking out for our interests.” at least within the mainstream construct. They have shown us this acceptable reality instead of reporting the truth or at least the belief that they are searching for the truth. There has been many investigative journalists and authors who step out of the yellow journalism mold, which has been true for most of history. Sadly those who try to warn us about the impeding danger, are rarely listened to. The real problem then becomes our discovery process for “what is actually true” being shifted to really a process of keeping people blind. Our discovery process is halted by the notion “what is acceptable reality for society” which is no discovery process at all! A joke if you will, instead of all the news thats fit to print, the motto should be, all the acceptable reality fit to print! To make this all seem relevant let me start by asking a simple question… How many scandals does it take before the acceptable reality we have been given for so long is no longer acceptable?

It seems like today we have a new scandal every week… I am afraid the media can no longer hide the truth behind what is acceptable anymore. I think I need to make a list there is so many damn scandals… Lets start from the top shall we? Looking at the past ten years alone we find our first major scandal Enron and Climategate both related incidents and you may ask well what does that have to do with the US government? Which it isn’t directly linked to the US it is more directly linked to the global factions which for all intensive purposes are connected to the US. Think of it as a spider web, the question becomes then, how far does the web extend and who is the spider at the center? But I digress back to our issue at hand, Wikileaks which exposed the conduct of the US military as being nothing more than extra-judicial killings of innocent men, women, and children, among other accusations. Next the assassination of an sixteen year old boy Abdulrahman al-Awlaki who was an American citizen without trial or jury just because he happened to be the son of “alleged terrorist” Anwar al-Awlaki also an American citizen who was slain two weeks prior, both of them by CIA drone strikes in Yemen. Which brings me to the next one, being the double increase in drone strikes by the Obama administration since Bush, which statistically misses its intended target by ninety-five percent and instead also kills innocent men, women, and children. Second we have Benghazigate where when there is a “real terrorist threat” no action is taken and is allowed to take place. The embassy was left out to dry and no help was offered even though the officials at the embassy had requested reinforcements but none came… Of course we have the IRS scandal which is modus operandi for the IRS the only thing that changed is those being persecuted. And last but not least the latest scandal, NSA caught spying on all forms of our communications see here, here, and here. Just to name a few of the scandals in the past ten years. Of course I could add more but these being notable, highlight the trend well enough.

All of this is harrowing information and for many its unbelievable. Some will interpret this as business as usual either in a good way or a bad way. For me I interpret this as being that watershed moment when we all realize “the emperor has no clothes”. However we have all seen this before, what Nixon did in the 1970’s mainly the “Watergate” scandal made him resign just out of fear of being impeached. What current presidents get away with today make Nixon look like a saint. And rightly so because as far as I know nobody is getting impeached, yet… Even though Benghazi, the NSA, the assassinations of American citizens, and drone strikes have all been directly linked to the Obama administration what I want to stress is that this is nothing new its a continuation of previous policy. The state of affairs we are in is a culmination of past events most notably starting with the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. An old cliché goes that if you have a pot of boiling water and place a frog in the pot it will jump out immediately, however if you place a frog in a pot of cold water and slowly heat the pot until it boils the frog will sit there, Fabian Socialism at its finest. Of course the knee jerk reaction is to stick your head in the sand and hope this all blows over… well I am afraid folks that it is no longer possible to look the other way. The more prudent question to ask now is how many more scandals are we going to allow before we take action and overthrow the tyrants and refresh the tree of liberty?

Today our “acceptable reality” is becoming a nightmare now that the truth is being revealed. Quite frankly we have only scratched the surface on the wheeling and dealing that has been going on at the State level. If you peel the onion back enough and get to the center you find that we are no better than the tyrants of the past. We now are faced with a choice do we acknowledge our mistakes and reverse these trends? Or do we repeat the nightmare of history? As long as we keep accepting this reality given to us by the media and ultimately by the State, then the prosperity and freedom we once enjoyed will be gone. The answer is to first not accept the reality the State wants us to believe that “the state is god”, but to discover the truth, and if you are able, speak the truth. As George Orwell famously opined “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” If we as individuals simply choose to not accept their “acceptable reality” and discover the truth for ourselves, this act alone would topple the current regime and good riddance! Ultimately putting your faith in God and his creation and not putting your faith in an benevolent and omnipresent State, this being a true act of rebellion, which is also the true meaning of liberty. And with those thoughts in mind folks wherever you are stay free.

Interview with Richard Belzer on new book “Hit List”


Link to interview with actor Richard Belzer on his new book “Hit List” about their investigation into witnesses of the JFK assassination being mysteriously killed. Very interesting stuff! For those who want to investigate further, this article here I believe is a good start discussing the alteration of the “Zapruder” film.

If you want government to intervene domestically, you’re a liberal.
If you want government to intervene overseas, you’re a conservative.
If you want government to intervene everywhere, you’re a moderate.
If you don’t want government to intervene anywhere, you’re an extremist.

“Need” now means wanting someone else’s money.
“Greed” now means wanting to keep your own.
“Compassion” is when a politician arranges the transfer.

~Joe Sobran

Quote of The Day

“The shrill gloats and exultatios of A [the welfare parasite], who has got something for nothing, drown out the repining of B [the taxpayer] who has lost something that he earned. B, in fact, becomes officially disreputable, and the more he complains the more he is denounced and detested. He is moved, it appears, by a kind of selfishness which is incompatible with true democracy. He actually believes that his property is his own, to remain in his keeping until he chooses to part with it. He is told at once that his information on the point is innaccurate, and his morals more than dubious. In an idal democracy, he learns, property is at the disposal, not of its owners, but of politicians, and the chief business of politicians is to collar it by fair means or foul, and redistribute it to those whose votes have put them in office.”

~H.L Mencken, Baltimore Sun, May 12, 1940, in A Second Mencken Chrestomathy (1995), pp. 48-49.

Role of the Taxpayer…

Are Guns to Blame?

I would briefly like to discuss an issue here that I am sure is on the minds of many Americans. In recent years we have seen an increase in these so called “mass shootings” which for many is a cause for concern and rightly so. But before we accept the media’s and state’s assertion that guns are the culprit and that the only solution to this societal problem is to make ownership of firearms for private citizens illegal. We as individuals are once again crossing very troubled waters and if we don’t take due caution and really have a thorough understating of the problem we face we will never adopt the proper solution. Are guns really to blame? Or is there a deeper and more fundamental cause at work here?

Lets take a closer look shall we? All of the persons involved in committing these acts of violence have one thing in common that appears over and over again in each case. The presence of psychiatric drugs which most or all of them were on before or at the time of the shooting. Either taken for any number of so called mental disorders, which the medication may or may not have made their condition worse not better, but who is to really know unless we investigate these matters more closely…? The media so far has failed in its duty to acknowledge any connection. Something is very amiss here when you aren’t going to even discuss the evidence that is consistent in each case. Don’t mistake me in thinking that this is the one and only cause or the why. There is another very important factor which again is completely ignored or left out of the media’s analysis and that is the complete failure of the public education system. Which isn’t exactly a direct link but more an indirect link and is cause for the moral decay and lack of critical thinking in society. Not to change focus and explain the cause for my assertion, I strongly recommend watching this detailed documentary on education. If you support the message feel free to support the producers here.

How is education to blame you ask? Simple, critical thinking is a foreign concept in our classrooms, and the current teaching that submission to authority for all its wants and desires, is proper and good. The schools teach that the problems of society can only be solved by our Benevolent State. And now the cause reveals itself… Guns or the lack thereof, meaning our right to self defense is no longer our right handed down by nature but privilege granted to those individuals who work for the State, for our benefit of course! A wise man once said that a gun is only as good or as bad as the person holding it. If this is the case why is it fair to restrict an honest man of his right to self defense? Are individuals not sovereign? Do we not have freedom of speech? If we have the freedom to speak, petition our state, and practice religion of our choice, do we also not have the freedom of self defense against crooks and thieves? The State solution is to make guns illegal for law abiding citizens so that the only people with guns will be the criminal class and the State who supports them! The ignorance of the Americanus Boobus is utterly frightening on this matter. The real crook and thief here is really the State! Did we all forget about Project Gunrunner and Operation Fast and Furious, just plug those into your search engine of choice, and then you tell me we should trust the government to be the sole possessor of guns!? Or does America have amnesia anytime there is a news breaking story? I mean come on wake up people and smell the fuckin’ coffee for crying out loud! Forgive my french but this is serious, you give up your right to self defense then what do you have left? The answer to that is nothing… You have nothing left to protect you from the criminals or the State if and when it decides to exercise its power in less than desirable fashion which has happened in the past and will happen in the future. As an institution the State has a pretty horrible track record when it comes to using guns to “protect” people. More often than not it uses this tool to murder or enslave the people not the other way around.

In closing if anyone was offended by this post good I am not one to shy away from the truth or sugar coat things when it comes to such a sensitive issue, and especially when innocent people are dying because of ignorance and failed policies implemented by the U.S. Government, mainly the limitation on self defense to almost obscurity. We need to break out of this “drinking the cool-aid” induced shell and call a spade a spade. The true culprit here is the Pharmaceutical companies selling suicide pills which in some cases make the condition far worse than if they had never taken the pills in the first place. An industry heavily supported by the State. Whereby its errors and lies are never published but papered over by the medical journals, the doctors, and its cohorts. Our second and far more critical cause because of its implication for the future. The concept that self defense is not a right but a privilege provided only by Authority. The question you have to ask yourself is “Are individuals sovereign?” another question is “Who is more able to provide a solution in a criminal situation the person there at the scene or someone miles away who will get there when its too late?” And ultimately that last and most important question is “Who do you trust for protection, you the individual or the state?” So with those questions in mind I bid you farewell and as always wherever you are stay free!