Happy, Hungry, Sleepy…

Welcome to the new year 2015! I hope everyone had a wonderful time with friends and family and were able to celebrate the coming of the new year in good spirits.

Instead of harping on the problems and issues of the past year which there were many, I would like to offer an idea which I think may liberate ourselves from some of the social issues we have today. The most pressing issue which I believe is effecting us today is War. And in today’s modern world where we like to think of ourselves as civilized, rational, and guided by reason, I would argue that we are far from any of those ideals. Until we eliminate war, we are no better than apes. Because even apes cooperate on a more cordial basis than humans do. However I don’t want to get into a heavy bogged down debate over whether some wars are justified or not. The brief answer would be aggression in any form is immoral and self-defence would be justified, but where the line of self-defence and aggression become crossed that is up for debate.

After analysis of the above video, I am thoroughly convinced that restricting a man’s choice on which substance he can or cannot put into his own body is by far the most draconian and absurd moral pursuit man has endured in recent history. I can recall a time in America about one hundred years ago today, where at least most drugs, even heroine and cocaine were completely legal, and in fact a prescription was not even needed to purchase said drugs. However all that aside, I agree that some substances can be harmful to the body as opposed to others but, is that not up to the person’s own discretion which substance he feels is good or bad for him or herself? Do we tell people which foods are good to eat? Or which clothes are appropriate to wear? Either way, if a man uses such a substance acquired peacefully, and does not harm anyone in the process of being under the influence of the substance, then who are we to restrict man’s liberty?

Which brings me to Marijuana a substance which I would argue is probably one of the least harmful of any substance used for recreational or medicinal purposes. It induces many documented medicinal effects on the body, as well as euphoric feelings. Katt Williams one of my favourite comedians opined Marijuana has only three side effects… Happy, Hungry, Sleepy. I would love to see if someone could name another substance that has such harmless, and for some enjoyable side effects. If you don’t believe me just watch the video and judge for yourself. I mean do I need to recite history also? George W. Washington the first president of this once great country grew hemp in his backyard!!! I mean if the irony doesn’t strike you enough, that we as a country founded on the principles of liberty and freedom at least in its theory, outlawed the one thing that was growing in the first presidents backyard… Mind-blowing to say the least. My first proposal then is simple, end the war on drugs and give people back their freedom to choose. Second proposal which I attribute to the late great comedian Bill Hicks another favourite of mine may he rest in peace… Instead of just making it legal to smoke pot I say lets make it mandatory and you can bet your bottom dollar the next day we would see the end of war as you know it! Because I can’t remember the last time anyone ever got in a fight while high on Marijuana… Case closed folks.

Wherever you are stay free.


Happy New Year!

Forgive me folks for not writing in awhile, I have just been trying to get back into the swing of things after new years, and collect my thoughts on what to write. For sure though I will drop something new this weekend, anyway I hope y’all had a wonderful new years, and may this one be better than the last!