Scandal or Business as Usual?

Hello, forgive me folks for my hiatus but I am back and ready to write hopefully along my previous claim “on a weekly basis”. Anyway lets get into the dirty shall we? Now everyone in some fashion or another “reads the news” either from internet websites, television, newspapers, blogs, or even from this blog! With this advent we see saturation or I should say an over-saturation of our media and information landscape, which has grown exponentially in the last twenty or so years. And with this amount of information at our fingertips it has become that much harder for us to discern that which is true and that which is mere speculation. But let me digress a bit here, journalism of today can be considered the gatekeeper of information, that being said most of society looks to them for the truth. Herein lies our problem that we find today, the dichotomy in journalism or any field of information dissemination for that matter, is not between what is “true and what is mere speculation” but between “what is acceptable for society and what is not acceptable” by acceptable I mean “acceptable reality”. The acceptable reality we have been given thus far is that “The State can be trusted, is benevolent, and only looking out for our interests.” at least within the mainstream construct. They have shown us this acceptable reality instead of reporting the truth or at least the belief that they are searching for the truth. There has been many investigative journalists and authors who step out of the yellow journalism mold, which has been true for most of history. Sadly those who try to warn us about the impeding danger, are rarely listened to. The real problem then becomes our discovery process for “what is actually true” being shifted to really a process of keeping people blind. Our discovery process is halted by the notion “what is acceptable reality for society” which is no discovery process at all! A joke if you will, instead of all the news thats fit to print, the motto should be, all the acceptable reality fit to print! To make this all seem relevant let me start by asking a simple question… How many scandals does it take before the acceptable reality we have been given for so long is no longer acceptable?

It seems like today we have a new scandal every week… I am afraid the media can no longer hide the truth behind what is acceptable anymore. I think I need to make a list there is so many damn scandals… Lets start from the top shall we? Looking at the past ten years alone we find our first major scandal Enron and Climategate both related incidents and you may ask well what does that have to do with the US government? Which it isn’t directly linked to the US it is more directly linked to the global factions which for all intensive purposes are connected to the US. Think of it as a spider web, the question becomes then, how far does the web extend and who is the spider at the center? But I digress back to our issue at hand, Wikileaks which exposed the conduct of the US military as being nothing more than extra-judicial killings of innocent men, women, and children, among other accusations. Next the assassination of an sixteen year old boy Abdulrahman al-Awlaki who was an American citizen without trial or jury just because he happened to be the son of “alleged terrorist” Anwar al-Awlaki also an American citizen who was slain two weeks prior, both of them by CIA drone strikes in Yemen. Which brings me to the next one, being the double increase in drone strikes by the Obama administration since Bush, which statistically misses its intended target by ninety-five percent and instead also kills innocent men, women, and children. Second we have Benghazigate where when there is a “real terrorist threat” no action is taken and is allowed to take place. The embassy was left out to dry and no help was offered even though the officials at the embassy had requested reinforcements but none came… Of course we have the IRS scandal which is modus operandi for the IRS the only thing that changed is those being persecuted. And last but not least the latest scandal, NSA caught spying on all forms of our communications see here, here, and here. Just to name a few of the scandals in the past ten years. Of course I could add more but these being notable, highlight the trend well enough.

All of this is harrowing information and for many its unbelievable. Some will interpret this as business as usual either in a good way or a bad way. For me I interpret this as being that watershed moment when we all realize “the emperor has no clothes”. However we have all seen this before, what Nixon did in the 1970’s mainly the “Watergate” scandal made him resign just out of fear of being impeached. What current presidents get away with today make Nixon look like a saint. And rightly so because as far as I know nobody is getting impeached, yet… Even though Benghazi, the NSA, the assassinations of American citizens, and drone strikes have all been directly linked to the Obama administration what I want to stress is that this is nothing new its a continuation of previous policy. The state of affairs we are in is a culmination of past events most notably starting with the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. An old cliché goes that if you have a pot of boiling water and place a frog in the pot it will jump out immediately, however if you place a frog in a pot of cold water and slowly heat the pot until it boils the frog will sit there, Fabian Socialism at its finest. Of course the knee jerk reaction is to stick your head in the sand and hope this all blows over… well I am afraid folks that it is no longer possible to look the other way. The more prudent question to ask now is how many more scandals are we going to allow before we take action and overthrow the tyrants and refresh the tree of liberty?

Today our “acceptable reality” is becoming a nightmare now that the truth is being revealed. Quite frankly we have only scratched the surface on the wheeling and dealing that has been going on at the State level. If you peel the onion back enough and get to the center you find that we are no better than the tyrants of the past. We now are faced with a choice do we acknowledge our mistakes and reverse these trends? Or do we repeat the nightmare of history? As long as we keep accepting this reality given to us by the media and ultimately by the State, then the prosperity and freedom we once enjoyed will be gone. The answer is to first not accept the reality the State wants us to believe that “the state is god”, but to discover the truth, and if you are able, speak the truth. As George Orwell famously opined “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” If we as individuals simply choose to not accept their “acceptable reality” and discover the truth for ourselves, this act alone would topple the current regime and good riddance! Ultimately putting your faith in God and his creation and not putting your faith in an benevolent and omnipresent State, this being a true act of rebellion, which is also the true meaning of liberty. And with those thoughts in mind folks wherever you are stay free.


Happy New Year!

Forgive me folks for not writing in awhile, I have just been trying to get back into the swing of things after new years, and collect my thoughts on what to write. For sure though I will drop something new this weekend, anyway I hope y’all had a wonderful new years, and may this one be better than the last!

Farewell to Dr. Ron Paul

I would like to extend a sincere farewell to our last true statesman Dr. Ron Paul of the 14th District in The Lone Star State known as Texas. After 23 years of being a congressman, Ron Paul gave his farewell speech to congress, where many critics have said was his best. With confidence I agree with this analysis, as I have listened to almost every one of his speeches that he has on record. For those who know and agree with Dr. Paul I am sure you will feel the same sentiment as I do. Some of you though may have only heard of Ron Paul in passing, in that case I hope you take the time to learn about him, and I highly recommend listening to his farewell speech as this represents everything he has been saying the past 30 years. Which is absolutely true if you compare any of his speeches against ones given in the past. Dr. Paul’s message of liberty has been consistent his whole career, what is more remarkable is the honesty and integrity displayed, he truly practices what he preaches. Never stooping to ad hominum attacks against his opponents, always highlighting the actual differences in policy and ideas. Something we all could learn from in our own affairs.

What was particularly striking in this speech, is instead of chronicling his time in congress, he left the boxing gloves in the locker room, and left no stone unturned to describe the dire straits that the United States is currently in. Some may disagree with his philosophy and analysis of government but what cannot be denied, the consistency and honesty in his time as congressman, and never shying away from criticism, or taking an unpopular view on any issue. “I have always been of the opinion that unpopularity earned by doing what is right is not unpopularity at all, but glory” ~Marcus Tullius Cicero. In most cases he was the only one in congress with a critical view of government policy, particularly when it came to the Federal Reserve, foreign wars, spending, and taxes among many others. Earning him the famed nickname in congress “Dr. No”, because he voted no on almost all spending and appropriations bill’s as well as voting no on every tax increase bill.

Briefly I would like to describe the current affairs we are in, even though the speech will highlight more than I could ever write. Despite ones own feeling’s one cannot deny that there is a growing sense of disillusionment and discontent among the people with government action, but at the same time some are not quite sure what it is the government is doing wrong, they just know there is something wrong. Then there are those who see no problem at all with government intervention into the market. Dr. Paul just might have the answer for those who are unsure of the cause and may enlighten those who think, intervention into the market is beneficial… Besides, the news reports daily showing a new riot or protest against government action is evidence enough of a growing concern for the future of society. Society itself has once again come to the same crossroads we have seen so many times in the past. The two choices, which to some may seem cliché or oversimplifying the case, however for our purposes it is enough to sum up the sentiments thus which I think fit nicely considering that those who advocate a mixed economy is comparable to the saying “I am only a little pregnant”. But I do believe there is always a third option which I am afraid there is not enough space here to discuss. Like the famed show “The Price is Right” behind door number one, which Ron Paul has outlined, and behind door number two being what the current Masters in Washington would have us believe is for our benefit. The ideal that government is the source of our peace and prosperity, one narrative. Or a very different narrative which contends that free enterprise, a society free of social contract with the state, and ultimately liberty, being the best path towards peace and prosperity. A reading of the book “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat will give any reader an full understanding of this philosophy.

The important thing to focus on more than anything else though is the fact that we are living in interesting times, and Dr. Paul is not afraid to challenge the status quo, whether you agree with him or not. I especially would like to elaborate that he was and is an honest politician, a true statesman. Notice I don’t italicize politician since the word has become so attached with negative connotations. And I also noticed that the word “statesman” has been out of use for some time, very peculiar indeed… Let us consider that if we were given all the facts on a certain subject, meaning the truth, would we have the courage to act accordingly? But I digress. What should be observed is the exit of a man who stayed true to his convictions instead of doing what was expedient or convenient which is so prevalent in the political sphere. Like Cicero poignantly expressed, glory comes from doing the right thing not from being popular. I will end my farewell to the good doctor with a question posed by the man himself… “Is there any explanation for all the deception, the unhappiness, the fear of the future, the loss of confidence in our leaders, the distrust, the anger and frustration? Yes there is, and there’s a way to reverse these attitudes. The negative perceptions are logical and a consequence of bad policies bringing about our problems. Identification of the problems and recognizing the cause allow the proper changes to come easy.” Thank you Dr. Paul for your service as an Air Force Flight Surgeon and your service as Congressman. Also thank you for telling the truth in times of moral crisis, let it not be written that no one opposed the tyrants of our day.

Yours Aye, wherever you are stay free.

All Saints’ Day


Forgive my hiatus, it is a bit late to be writing on the topic of All Saints’ which I meant to write earlier but nonetheless, I have been busy with studies and all anyway I will try to write more diligently, at the very least once a week.

The story goes thus according to the Catholic Encyclopedia All Saints’ Day is a “Solemnity celebrated on the first of November. It is instituted to honour all the saints, known and unknown, and, according to Urban IV, to supply any deficiencies in the faithfuls celebration of saints’ feasts during the year. “ In Polsce the people are predominantly of the Catholic faith as for myself though I am of the Protestant faith but regardless I thought it necessary to join in the celebration. November 1st fell on a Thursday which was good we had a four day weekend! We left for Kunice a small town near the city of Legnica where some of my family on my father’s side is buried. The train ride from Kraków to Legnica is a little over five hours… I love the fact that no matter where you need to go within Polska or Europe for that matter there is a train that goes there. Even within the city they have local trains as well as electric trams and buses, which makes it very easy to travel, and the cost is very reasonable. There is almost no need for a car, and all of this transport is mostly provided by private enterprise with some public subsidies. But I digress a subject for another post… Currently lets focus on All Saints’ Day, the train ride to Legnica went by with no hitch, and the countryside is beautiful to see when your riding through, for me it never gets old.

Around one o’clock we arrived at the train station in Legnica, a brief note on the train station it is over one hundred years old and was built by the Germans, it feels like you traveled back in time in this station. The city itself was under German control from Eighteen Seventy-One until after World War II when it was transferred back to Poland following the Potsdam Conference. After that the city of Legnica became one of the headquarters for the Russian army so not much else in the city has changed either as a result. But enough of history, leaving the train station there is a bus stop thirty meters from the station where we got on a bus to travel to Kunice. We arrived in this quaint town of about thirteen hundred people. We stayed with a family who was good friends of my grandmother. My grandmother used to buy eggs and milk from them, one reason why I loved the town so much when I was there over ten years ago as it had that true rural feel. But now a lot of that has changed and disappeared over the years, the town used to have over twenty cows but now there is not one, something I dearly miss. However what has not changed is the hospitality, we were treated as family, and the other folks we visited that weekend could not have been nicer, and this is true for most people you visit even if just by acquaintance. By the time we got unpacked it was in the evening so we ate a light supper which is custom in Polsce. Usually they eat a light breakfast called Śniadania, then have what is called Obiad around one or two in the afternoon which is a three course meal, then around eight they have a light supper called Kolacje which is quite different from the States.

Since being tired from the train ride we went to sleep after kolacje, plus the next day we had to go to church at nine o’clock. Getting up the next morning we went to the only church they have in town which maybe can hold one hundred and fifty people so not a very big church considering the town has over one thousand people. Sad thing is I did not understand ninety percent of what the priest was saying… But even though I did not understand I still felt humbled. After mass and the liturgy we went back home and waited until after the second mass around noon to travel to the cemetery where the priest gives another liturgy. With us we brought several lanterns made for such occasions which are then lit and left on the grave which is customary for each person to leave one. Flowers are also put on the grave. When we got to the cemetery slightly earlier than the priest, every grave had been adorned with flowers and these lanterns the day before, a beautiful sight indeed but sobering at the same time. Also I would like to note the weather that day was particularly cold, windy, and gloomy adding to the somber tone. To make a long story short the feast afterwards was amazing, a lot of the ingredients in the food was fresh from the garden, which reminds of the good old days. I know its cliché, call the cops quick! Anyway the next day is day 2 of the festivities known as “All Souls’ Day” or “Commemoration of All Faithful Departed” which is principally observed in the Catholic faith. On this day we visited the cemetery once more to pay respects and again another feast was prepared just as good as the last. After this we stayed one more day and left Saturday to Wrocław where we stayed with a couple more family friends for yet again you guessed it more food! Heh it seems no matter where you go people are either offering you food or wódka its amazing, something to note about the kindness and hospitality of the Polacy meaning Polish People.

After leaving Wrocław Sunday and arriving in Kraków in the afternoon it was the end of a long, memorable, and humbling weekend. Forgive me again for taking so long to post this… As for my final thoughts I would like to add, that even if you are not spiritual in anyway, or have a different faith other than Christianity, I think we can mutually agree that one day out of the year respective of your faith, celebrating those who came before us, is essential… That being said let us raise a pint for the people that aren’t with us! Yours Aye, wherever you are stay free!

Podróż do Polski

Dzień Dobry Świat! My first thoughts written for the world wide web, its an odd feeling to have your thoughts and ideas available for the whole world to see and read instantaneously but at the same time liberating. Let us think only one hundred years ago, the trials and tribulations man had to suffer to publish his work. Now with the advance of technology moving along at a speed never before seen in the world it costs pennies to produce and publish ideas. But I digress what I really would like to elaborate on is my journey to Poland or more properly podróż do Polski. If we analyze the meaning of life briefly, we are on a highway and on this highway we travel towards discovery, and our desire to learn and explore is what keeps us traveling on the highway. Fortunately for me by the grace of God am I able to continue along the highway which has led me do Polski, for one to learn the language, and when I have a good understanding, study nursing. It all started in a small town called Los Angeles… Hehe okay not so small but all good stories start in small towns right…? I digress, anyway life for me in Los Angeles had been at a stalemate and in a word you can say I “failed”, and it seemed like my options for the future were dim. However I was given the opportunity to study in Polsce and with trepidation I took it. To outside observers this is a leap of faith but given the alternative, I think it is one worth taking. “The difference between successful persons and others is not a lack of knowledge, not a lack of strength, but rather in a lack of will.” ~Vincent Lombardi. Words which I believe can inspire greatness in all of us. They have inspired me to continue my travels along the highway… A fool no more.

And now for something completely… A Scotsman on a horse! Heh okay jokes aside, although whoever knows where that joke comes from gets an free encyclopedia from Wikipedia! On a more serious note a brief summary of my plane ride do Polski. As I sat in LAX airport I was drinking a cup of coffee from McDonald’s. That is when I realized that will be my last cup of coffee from McDonald’s. As I drank this horribly tasting coffee which half way through I had to stop lest I get sick, I felt a certain nostalgia being in the airport. The feeling of uncertainty and risk involved with flying for some is too daunting and keeps many from wanting to travel, but for me this feeling gave me a certain solitude. Flying today seems more like a chore than a celebrated tradition, considering the current state of affairs in America, and the geopolitics in Europe and Asia. All that jazz aside I personally love the concept of flight and to me it is still a romantic achievement, especially when you think we have only ascertained the ability to fly less than one hundred years ago. While these thoughts came and gone I had to board my flight, of course before getting on any plane you have to go through the “TSA security”, I chose the pat-downs over the full body x ray machines. Lets see you have sexual harassment or cancer in thirty years… I think the choice is clear I’ll take the sexual harassment, at least this washes off, cancer does not. But I digress, now I am sitting on the plane and nervousness came over me like a kid first getting on a roller coaster, then shortly thereafter flight! An overwhelming sense of relief, awe, and excitement came over me as the plane gained altitude. I am a small part of history in flight. Some take the whole thing for granted which to me is sad because the concept of flight is a marvel to behold!

Thirteen hours until I land in Polsce a new country, a new people, and a new culture I couldn’t wait to experience what this place had to offer. Although from my previous visits do Polski visiting family, I fell in love with the culture and the countryside . It had been nine years since my last visit but I knew I would feel at home as soon as I got there. After eleven hours our flight from LAX landed in Munich, and boy what a beautiful airport they have in Munich, the most modern airport I have ever visited and the biggest. The flight do Polski is not for another three hours, so I had some ample amount of time to explore the place, albeit the terminal is so huge that three hours is not enough. Possibly in another post I will elaborate more about my time in the Munich airport. For now though I will end by saying after a two hour flight from Munich I landed in Polsce at night! Overall the flight experience had been a good one, no complaints to think of, except of course the coffee from McDonald’s! Heh forgive my English for I have not written in a formal capacity for a few years now but in future posts I will get better and try to be more brief. I don’t particularly like to write but the more I get into the habit of writing I think I will enjoy it. In the future I will write of my experience so far in Kraków. Hope y’all enjoyed the post until then wherever you are stay free!