Hip-Hops Finest

A man once said hip-hop is dead, he was correct, and corporate radio is it’s slayer! But passion and expression through music, cannot die and here we have a fine example of a beautiful track from Dead Horse Beats among his many other stellar tracks… Which breathes life to a genre which has mainly gone underground, and for good reason. The corporate model suffocates and destroys freedom of expression, thank god for those who take productions into there own hands, and keeps the music flowing! Anyway don’t listen to me, listen to the beat!

Catch y’all on the flip side. Wherever you are stay free!


3 thoughts on “Hip-Hops Finest

  1. Reblogged this on ondustreetlawyer's Blog and commented:
    Hiphop never died,the Radio just switched their frequencies to some Hype/commercial b.s

    • yojimbo10 says:

      True dat! I was only referring to NaS’s song “hiphop is dead” which I dont think he meant literally. However what can be interpreted from his message is that the mainstream or corporate media took control of the message. And when the message is controlled, you lose the true nature of art and freedom of expression. So in the sphere of Radio and Television what you get is hiphop without substance, e.g. cotton candy, which appeals to the masses but fails in my mind to be art and instead pop art at best. As the old saying goes The Revolution will Not Be Televised! Thanks for the comment btw!

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