Are Guns to Blame?

I would briefly like to discuss an issue here that I am sure is on the minds of many Americans. In recent years we have seen an increase in these so called “mass shootings” which for many is a cause for concern and rightly so. But before we accept the media’s and state’s assertion that guns are the culprit and that the only solution to this societal problem is to make ownership of firearms for private citizens illegal. We as individuals are once again crossing very troubled waters and if we don’t take due caution and really have a thorough understating of the problem we face we will never adopt the proper solution. Are guns really to blame? Or is there a deeper and more fundamental cause at work here?

Lets take a closer look shall we? All of the persons involved in committing these acts of violence have one thing in common that appears over and over again in each case. The presence of psychiatric drugs which most or all of them were on before or at the time of the shooting. Either taken for any number of so called mental disorders, which the medication may or may not have made their condition worse not better, but who is to really know unless we investigate these matters more closely…? The media so far has failed in its duty to acknowledge any connection. Something is very amiss here when you aren’t going to even discuss the evidence that is consistent in each case. Don’t mistake me in thinking that this is the one and only cause or the why. There is another very important factor which again is completely ignored or left out of the media’s analysis and that is the complete failure of the public education system. Which isn’t exactly a direct link but more an indirect link and is cause for the moral decay and lack of critical thinking in society. Not to change focus and explain the cause for my assertion, I strongly recommend watching this detailed documentary on education. If you support the message feel free to support the producers here.

How is education to blame you ask? Simple, critical thinking is a foreign concept in our classrooms, and the current teaching that submission to authority for all its wants and desires, is proper and good. The schools teach that the problems of society can only be solved by our Benevolent State. And now the cause reveals itself… Guns or the lack thereof, meaning our right to self defense is no longer our right handed down by nature but privilege granted to those individuals who work for the State, for our benefit of course! A wise man once said that a gun is only as good or as bad as the person holding it. If this is the case why is it fair to restrict an honest man of his right to self defense? Are individuals not sovereign? Do we not have freedom of speech? If we have the freedom to speak, petition our state, and practice religion of our choice, do we also not have the freedom of self defense against crooks and thieves? The State solution is to make guns illegal for law abiding citizens so that the only people with guns will be the criminal class and the State who supports them! The ignorance of the Americanus Boobus is utterly frightening on this matter. The real crook and thief here is really the State! Did we all forget about Project Gunrunner and Operation Fast and Furious, just plug those into your search engine of choice, and then you tell me we should trust the government to be the sole possessor of guns!? Or does America have amnesia anytime there is a news breaking story? I mean come on wake up people and smell the fuckin’ coffee for crying out loud! Forgive my french but this is serious, you give up your right to self defense then what do you have left? The answer to that is nothing… You have nothing left to protect you from the criminals or the State if and when it decides to exercise its power in less than desirable fashion which has happened in the past and will happen in the future. As an institution the State has a pretty horrible track record when it comes to using guns to “protect” people. More often than not it uses this tool to murder or enslave the people not the other way around.

In closing if anyone was offended by this post good I am not one to shy away from the truth or sugar coat things when it comes to such a sensitive issue, and especially when innocent people are dying because of ignorance and failed policies implemented by the U.S. Government, mainly the limitation on self defense to almost obscurity. We need to break out of this “drinking the cool-aid” induced shell and call a spade a spade. The true culprit here is the Pharmaceutical companies selling suicide pills which in some cases make the condition far worse than if they had never taken the pills in the first place. An industry heavily supported by the State. Whereby its errors and lies are never published but papered over by the medical journals, the doctors, and its cohorts. Our second and far more critical cause because of its implication for the future. The concept that self defense is not a right but a privilege provided only by Authority. The question you have to ask yourself is “Are individuals sovereign?” another question is “Who is more able to provide a solution in a criminal situation the person there at the scene or someone miles away who will get there when its too late?” And ultimately that last and most important question is “Who do you trust for protection, you the individual or the state?” So with those questions in mind I bid you farewell and as always wherever you are stay free!


Happy New Year!

Forgive me folks for not writing in awhile, I have just been trying to get back into the swing of things after new years, and collect my thoughts on what to write. For sure though I will drop something new this weekend, anyway I hope y’all had a wonderful new years, and may this one be better than the last!