Podróż do Polski

Dzień Dobry Świat! My first thoughts written for the world wide web, its an odd feeling to have your thoughts and ideas available for the whole world to see and read instantaneously but at the same time liberating. Let us think only one hundred years ago, the trials and tribulations man had to suffer to publish his work. Now with the advance of technology moving along at a speed never before seen in the world it costs pennies to produce and publish ideas. But I digress what I really would like to elaborate on is my journey to Poland or more properly podróż do Polski. If we analyze the meaning of life briefly, we are on a highway and on this highway we travel towards discovery, and our desire to learn and explore is what keeps us traveling on the highway. Fortunately for me by the grace of God am I able to continue along the highway which has led me do Polski, for one to learn the language, and when I have a good understanding, study nursing. It all started in a small town called Los Angeles… Hehe okay not so small but all good stories start in small towns right…? I digress, anyway life for me in Los Angeles had been at a stalemate and in a word you can say I “failed”, and it seemed like my options for the future were dim. However I was given the opportunity to study in Polsce and with trepidation I took it. To outside observers this is a leap of faith but given the alternative, I think it is one worth taking. “The difference between successful persons and others is not a lack of knowledge, not a lack of strength, but rather in a lack of will.” ~Vincent Lombardi. Words which I believe can inspire greatness in all of us. They have inspired me to continue my travels along the highway… A fool no more.

And now for something completely… A Scotsman on a horse! Heh okay jokes aside, although whoever knows where that joke comes from gets an free encyclopedia from Wikipedia! On a more serious note a brief summary of my plane ride do Polski. As I sat in LAX airport I was drinking a cup of coffee from McDonald’s. That is when I realized that will be my last cup of coffee from McDonald’s. As I drank this horribly tasting coffee which half way through I had to stop lest I get sick, I felt a certain nostalgia being in the airport. The feeling of uncertainty and risk involved with flying for some is too daunting and keeps many from wanting to travel, but for me this feeling gave me a certain solitude. Flying today seems more like a chore than a celebrated tradition, considering the current state of affairs in America, and the geopolitics in Europe and Asia. All that jazz aside I personally love the concept of flight and to me it is still a romantic achievement, especially when you think we have only ascertained the ability to fly less than one hundred years ago. While these thoughts came and gone I had to board my flight, of course before getting on any plane you have to go through the “TSA security”, I chose the pat-downs over the full body x ray machines. Lets see you have sexual harassment or cancer in thirty years… I think the choice is clear I’ll take the sexual harassment, at least this washes off, cancer does not. But I digress, now I am sitting on the plane and nervousness came over me like a kid first getting on a roller coaster, then shortly thereafter flight! An overwhelming sense of relief, awe, and excitement came over me as the plane gained altitude. I am a small part of history in flight. Some take the whole thing for granted which to me is sad because the concept of flight is a marvel to behold!

Thirteen hours until I land in Polsce a new country, a new people, and a new culture I couldn’t wait to experience what this place had to offer. Although from my previous visits do Polski visiting family, I fell in love with the culture and the countryside . It had been nine years since my last visit but I knew I would feel at home as soon as I got there. After eleven hours our flight from LAX landed in Munich, and boy what a beautiful airport they have in Munich, the most modern airport I have ever visited and the biggest. The flight do Polski is not for another three hours, so I had some ample amount of time to explore the place, albeit the terminal is so huge that three hours is not enough. Possibly in another post I will elaborate more about my time in the Munich airport. For now though I will end by saying after a two hour flight from Munich I landed in Polsce at night! Overall the flight experience had been a good one, no complaints to think of, except of course the coffee from McDonald’s! Heh forgive my English for I have not written in a formal capacity for a few years now but in future posts I will get better and try to be more brief. I don’t particularly like to write but the more I get into the habit of writing I think I will enjoy it. In the future I will write of my experience so far in Kraków. Hope y’all enjoyed the post until then wherever you are stay free!